The 15 Great Dieting Tips for Athletes – Part 2

Diet Tips Part 2

After reading the first 8 of the great dieting tips, you might want to know about rest seven. So, here they are:

The Last 7 Great Dieting Tips

1. Spice up your food

A diet high in flavour filled food is more satisfying for you so add lots of herbs and spices, especially chillies to your meals. This is suggested by Malena Perdomo as a way of eating better. For a sweet, low-calorie treat try a hot fireball candy.

2. Have a healthy stocked larder and fridge

f you have a kitchen that is stocked with a plentiful supply of fast, healthy snacks and easy, quick meals to prepare you will feel more like coming home to eat than going through a drive through take away place says Sass. You should have the following on hand to make a quick snack or meal:
• Popcorn that is 94% fat-free
• Frozen veggies
• Washed green leaves
• Canned tomatoes and beans
• Grain wraps and pita breads
• Cooked chicken and cooked brown rice
• Fresh fruit and vegetables

These ingredients allow you to make a quick and healthy meal after a day at work. And not having you looking for a quick take away fix.

3. Try child portions when eating out

When you next go out to a restaurant, order a child’s portion or the entree size for your meal as an alternative to a large serve. Serve your meal on a smaller plate at home as it looks like a larger portion. Perdomo says that this is an excellent strategy to use when trying to lose weight.

4. Seasonal foods

Enjoy fruit and vegetables when they are in season, suggests Chef Pansiero. They will taste better and have more nutritional value. Try a vegetable or fruit that you didn’t like before and try it when it is at its best. Fresh fruit in season makes a simple dessert when some yoghurt or fat-free ice cream is added.

5. Swap foods

Another top tip from Sass is to swap starchy foods and carbohydrates with fruit and vegetables. If you swap 1 cup of pasta with 1 cup of vegetables over the course of 1 year you will drop 1 dress size. This will save you between 100 and 200 calories each time. If you eat fewer pastas and breads you will reduce your calorie intake.

6. Cope with stress better

When we are faced with a tense and stressful situation, many of us turn to a food source for comfort. Sass suggests steering away from food and selecting another activity. Go for a walk, read a book, listen to music, look through a photograph album or try your hand at meditating. Try anything that will take you away from food.

7. Exercise more

Look at exercise as a fun activity and not a chore that you have to do to lose weight. Also, don’t punish a bad food by doing more exercise suggests May, as you will come to hate the exercise. Make exercise a part of your day that is fun, and it will help you sleep better and lose weight better. Incorporating physical activities into your lifestyle so that you won’t even think twice about doing them. You will get healthier and lose weight and have a fun and active lifestyle.